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Introducing the SKP Solo ESC - a compact, powerful, and robust motor controller designed for electric skateboards and custom PEV's. With its VESC-based design, the SKP Solo delivers high-performance capabilities with its 4-18S Li-Ion safe operating voltage, 80A battery current, 140A motor current, and 6kW peak operating wattage.

Fitted with advanced features such as CAN, HALL, UART, PPM, and IMU, the SKP Solo is also equipped with built-in Bluetooth, an on/off feature with a latching switch, and a 10AWG supply cable with XT90 male connector for ease of use. The 12AWG phase cables with 4mm female bullet connectors offer reliable and secure connections.

The SKP Solo is available as a single, dual, or dual with top mount box configuration, with each package including a heatsink and housing, latching switch, and necessary cables. With its design considerations, the SKP Solo ESC is manufactured with well-stocked components that are likely to remain available and is designed for easy modification if necessary.

Whether you're looking for more power to push your PEV to the next level or a compact and cost-effective solution, the SKP Solo ESC is a perfect choice. Despite its taller heatsink, it still fits most existing electric skateboards and PEVs and will provide reliable performance.

Key Specs:

  • Operating Voltage: 4-18S Li-ion (16-75.6V)
  • Battery Current: 80A
  • Motor Current: 140A
  • Peak Operating Wattage: 6kW
  • Mounting: Requires a heat sink for optimal performance, best results when exposed to airflow


  • CAN, HALL, UART, PPM, and IMU compatibility
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • On/Off function with any latching switch
  • Comes with 10AWG supply cable with XT90 male connector, and 12AWG phase cables with 4mm female bullet connectors

What You'll Get (Single Package):

  • 1 SKP Solo ESC
  • 1 SKP Solo single heatsink and housing
  • 1 SKP latching switch

What You'll Get (Dual Package):

  • 2 SKP Solo ESC
  • 1 SKP dual mount heatsink and housing ,  Heatsink size: 121mm x 70mm
  • 1 Canbus cable
  • 1 SKP switch wired to turn on/off both Solo controllers

What You'll Get (Dual with Top Mount Box Package):

  • 2 SKP Solo ESC
  • 1 SKP dual mount heatsink for top mount box and housing
  • 1 Canbus cable
  • 1 SKP switch wired to turn on/off both Solo controllers
  • 1 3Dservisas Top mount controller box (with heat sink, but without airflow cooling ribs)

Design Considerations:

  • Silicon shortage-resistant design: During the production of the SKP Solo ESC, the designers took into consideration the current silicon shortage and chose components that are well-stocked and likely to remain so. The controller is also designed to be easily modified if necessary.
  • Power: The SKP Solo ESC was created to offer more power to push electric skateboards and PEVs to the next level.
  • Size and Cost: Although the heat sink of the SKP Solo ESC makes it taller than some other controllers on the market, it is still compact and fits most electric skateboards and PEVs. It delivers reliable performance at a competitive price.