GT-Gear for Evolve Electric Skateboard

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Introducing the GT-Gear for Evolve Electric Skateboard – the ultimate upgrade for your electric skateboard. This aftermarket part replaces the belt-driven drivetrain with a gear drive, providing improved power and control on the road.

With a gear ratio of 1:4.2, the GT-Gear is perfectly compatible with original Evolve 50mm motors, ensuring seamless integration and performance. The outside widest diameter is 103mm, making it easy to install on the original Evolve truck with the original mounting screws.

Instead of using a V-ring, the GT-Gear uses a rotary seal for improved durability and longevity. The gear drive enclosure is made from raw aluminum for enhanced strength, while the gears themselves are made from aluminum and special plastic for maximum efficiency.

The middle frame of the GT-Gear is 3D printed using ASA plastic, allowing you to customize the color and material to match your style. An STL file is provided for easy printing, making it simple to get the perfect look for your skateboard.

Upgrade your Evolve Electric Skateboard today with the GT-Gear and experience the power and control you've been missing.



  • Gear ratio: 1:4.2
  • Compatible with original Evolve 50mm motors
  • Outside widest diameter: 103mm
  • Mounts on original Evolve truck with original mounting screws
  • Uses a rotary seal instead of a V-ring
  • Gear drive enclosure made from raw aluminum
  • Gears made from aluminum and special plastic
  • Middle frame 3D printed using ASA plastic with STL file provided for custom printing
  • Weight: 900g

Assembly Tips:

  • Use Loctite 648 green glue when installing the motor gear with keyway on the D-shaped motor shaft
  • Mount the gear drive on the original belt drive mounting hub using the original mounting screws
  • Swap the motor sides because of the different spinning direction
  • For best results, use thick synthetic grease to lubricate the gears

Product Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Motor spur gears for 8mm shaft with keyways
  • 2 x Wheel gears with mounting hub for original Evolve wheels
  • 2 x Baseplates in raw aluminum color
  • 2 x Black ASA 3D printed middle frames
  • 2 x Raw aluminum gearbox covers
  • 2 x Rotary seals
  • Screw kit


The middle frame of the gear drive is 3D printed using ASA plastic and is available in black. To further customize the look, an STL file is provided for printing in your preferred color and material. Download the STL file from here.

Please note that the GT-Gear is made to order and will be shipped within 1 week of purchase.