Pre-Order FatBoy Wheel Pulley Set for ABEC or KEGEL 44T, 42T, 40T, 36T, 32T

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A pre-order for FatBoy Wheel Pulley set, for Abec or Kegel wheel hub. CNC machined Aluminium EN AW-6082-T6 with bearing spacer. Available in multiple tooth count.

To be shipped out at the early November.


    • 2 x FatBoy Wheel Pulleys Width 9 mm , 15 mm
    • 2 x FatBoy Adapter for Abec or Kegel
    • 2 x Bearings 608
    • 2x  Bearing Spacers Length 3mm

Works with:

  • 80mm - 110mm  Wheels

Compatible Hangers:

  • Torqueboards 218mm hanger
  • FatBoy 230mm 260mm hanger
  • Surf-Rodz RKP hangers
  • Surf-Rodz with long axle hangers
  • Evolve Hanger (will require 10mm bearing replacement)
  • Other hangers with minimum 40mm axle length and maximum 28mm hanger thickness.

Info : ( Kegel reversed ) pins are 5.6mm⌀ x 19.5mm

 Made in EU