Finality Battery Pack 12S8P 33.6Ah

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The first fully assembled battery pack system from the 3DServisas Finality product series. A new design involving all the parts necessary to provide the best possible system for electric longboards and mountainboards.

After perfecting the design over several years, we are thrilled with the results and it's our pleasure to finally provide this as a product for our customers.


  • Battery configuration: 12 series, 8 parallel groups of Molicel INR21700-P42A 4000mAh(4200mAh) - 45A (96 total cells)
  • Capacity: 33.6Ah (33,600mAh) (1,451.52Wh)
  • Voltage: (43.2V nominal, 50.4V max)
  • Recommended discharge voltage: 38.4V (3.2V per cell group)
  • Maximum allowed discharge voltage: 36.0V (3V per cell group)
  • Continuous Discharge: 200A recommended, 360A max (limited by the battery cells and thermals)
  • Max Charge Current: 10A
  • Smart BMS: SP15S05 with Bluetooth and mobile app to monitor the battery pack
  • Mechanical battery switch: QS8-S Anti-Spark connector
  • Power output connectors: 2 x XT90
  • Charge connector: Lutronic
  • Includes Gore-Tex waterproof pressure relief valve
  • External Dimensions: 200x197x90mm
  • Mounting: 140x140mm spaced 4 x M8 bolts
  • Weight 9kg


  • Finality Battery Pack 12S8P 33.6Ah
  • Mounting hardware
  • Charger connector plug
  • 2 x XT90 connectors for load

More information about enclosure

Please note:

Actual battery capacity is highly dependant on overal system efficiency. Usually this ranges inbetween 80-90% of usable battery capacity.

Battery pack is only available for European union, and only can be shipped using Economy (ground) shipping.

The battery pack is made on order and usually should be shipped within 1-3 weeks depending on part availability.