Finality Battery Enclosure 96 x 21700 cells

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A battery enclosure from our Finality Battery Packs. Made from CNC machined aluminum and rigid plastic wrapped with carbon fiber Vinyl. You can replace the Vinyl wrap or even dye the plastic for customisation.

Please Note: There are no output wire and charging wire holes in these boxes! The users will have to make them themselves based on personal preference!


  • Fits 96 x 21700 battery cells
  • Top & Bottom plates made from CNC machined aluminum
  • The middle part is made from rigid plastic 
  • External Dimensions: 234x237x100mm
  • Internal Dimensions: 216x219x90mm
  • Mounting: 140x140mm spaced 4 x M8 bolts
  • Weight: 2400g


  • Top & Bottom plate
  • Middle plastic part wrapped in carbon fiber Vinyl
  • Mounting hardware


Mounting holes:

The product is made on order and will be shipped within a 1-2 week