FatBoy SS Drive HD

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FatBoy SS Drive HD for MBS Metal Matrix II Trusk and Trampa Vertigo - Infinity ATB Truck  - the new HD gear drive from 3DServisas featuring thick gears and reinforced design new materials Aluminium EN AW-6082-T651 and better efficiency and durability of the gear system. 


  • Out of the box support for 63mm motors .
  • Aluminium reinforced wheel spur gear, a lot sturdier truck mounting system.
  • New Black colour casing from a new material which his highly durable scratch and impact resistant with sound dampening properties
  • New lubrication system which utilizes small volume inside gear drive which allows more efficient lubricant usage
  • The motor spur gear is now locked with a keyway which stops all gear slippage on the motor shaft.
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel protection plate for smooth v-ring operation.
  • Ultra Slim Design with a total height of 119mm (4.69")
  • No modifications required for the trucks plug and play.
  • MBS hubs - Maximum motor size: 63mm diameter and 84mm length.
  • Trampa hubs - Maximum motor size: 63mm diameter and 100mm length.

    Whole kit weights 1480g.

    Kit Contains

    • 2 x Baseplates
    • 2 x Hanger mount adapters (Three positions -15º, 0º, +15º)
    • 2 x Black Gear Drive Covers
    • 2 x Aluminium Motor Spur Gears
    • 2 x Wheel Spur Gears
    • 2 x Wheel Spur Gear Reinforcement plates
    • 2 x Wheel Mount Plates (Trampa SuperStar / FatBoy Solid Core Hubs)
    • 2 x Stainless steel protection plates
    • 2 x V-Rings
    • Screws and Accessories
    • Gear lubrication
    • Loctite 638
    • Loctite 243

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