Dual FocBox Case Heatsink Plate

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CNC machined aluminium heatsink plate for dual Enertion FocBox speed controller. The heatsink panel provides more efficient heat spreading and integration into your enclosure.


  • The plate has lip & holes for mounting into cutout hole inside the enclosure
  • Machined from 6082T6 Aluminium
  • Heat spreading fins for increased cooling capacity.
  • Whole size: 150mm (5.91") x 80mm (3.15") x 28mm (1.1")
  • Heatsink size: 135mm (5.31") x 65mm (2.t6") x 6mm (0.24")
  • Weighs 250g (0.55lb)

Warning! Case requires taking FocBox'es apart to put them in the case!


  • 1 pc. Aluminium heatsink plate
  • Thermal Conductive Silicone Pads