Coming soon Mini ECO AT Gear Drive V3

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FatBoy Mini Eco Gear Drive 1:3.5 or 1:4.2 ratio for FatBoy 320 hangers , Finality truck or All Trampa ATB Truck , works with MBS Rockstar II Hub or Trampa SuperStar Hub . 

All parts are made in the EU

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Motor, wheel hubs , spacers , baseplate MBS , gear lubricant and bumpers don't include in the kit!

For version Precision Infinity ATB hanger don't include in the kit!


Motor Fitting:

FatBoy320  6355, 6365, 6374, 6380, 6384
Infinity ATB  6355, 6365, 6374, 6380, 6384


Easy steps to assemble:

  • Add thread lock (Loctite 648) on the motor shaft, insert the key into the keyway slot.
  • Push the motor shaft with the key into the drive gear.
    Add thread lock (Loctite 648) to motor screws, screw the motor to the mount.
  • Liberally add the provided grease after everything has cured.
  • Close the gear drive.
  • Make sure you add a little bit of grease under the V-Groove ring!
  • Mount it on the baseplate.
  • Ride and enjoy!


Kit Contains:

    • 2 x Motor spur Straight gear (12-10 tooths) for 8mm shaft
    • 2 x Wheel Hubs with gear (42 tooths)
    • 2 x Aluminium Hanger mount adapters (Three positions -15º, 0º, +15º)
    • 2 x Aluminium Baseplates anodised black with the motor mount holes
    • 2 x Plastic Gearbox covers
    • 2 x V-Ring
    • 2 x Stainless Steel Slid Plates for V-ring
    • 2 x FatBoy 320 Hanger (Compatible with MBS Metal Matrix II Top Truck you can purchase baseplates from here)
    • Screw kit
    • Gear lubrication

Motor spur gear hole re-machining to 10mm with keyway here

2x FatBoy Mini Eco Gear Drive weighs 1200 g.

2xFatBoy 320 hangers weighs 1600g.

I recommend to buy gear lubricant here

Bumper files for printing can be found here