FatBoy320 V2 Solid CNC Machined Hanger for MBS Metal Matrix II Top Baseplate

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A fully CNC machined Aluminium EN AW-6082-T651 FatBoy320 Hanger for MBS Metal Matrix II Top Baseplate


Truck Length 455mm
Truck Height 70mm
Full Truck Weight 888g
Hanger Length 320mm
Hanger Diameter 20x20mmxR1,5mm
Axle Diameter 12mm
Axle Length 67mm


 Compatible with FatBoy ECO AT V2 , FatBoy SS Mini Gear Drive V5 , SS HD-MINI V2 gear drives.

The price is for ONE hanger, 2 speed rings and 2 nylock nuts ! !

All parts are made in the EU