FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive V3 with FatBoy Hanger

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FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive for ABEC11 107mm wheels or Kegel wheels for FatBoy 230/240 Hanger which fits Caliber II Baseplate.

    Kit Contains:

      • 2 x Motor spur gear (for 10mm/8mm shaft)
      • 2 x Wheel Hubs with gear
      • 2 x Kegel/Abec wheel hub mounts
      • 2 x Hanger mount adapters
      • 2 x Baseplates with the motor mount holes
      • 2 x Aluminium Gearbox covers
      • 2 x FatBoy 230/240 Hanger (Compatible with Caliber II Baseplate you can purchase baseplates from here)
      • Screw kit
      • Gear lubrication 
      • Loctite 638
      • Loctite 243

             Whole kit weights 1000g. (FatBoy240 Hanger and 2 FatBoy Mini Gear Drive 

    The product is made on order and will be shipped within a 2 week

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