FatBoy SS Mini Helical or Straight Gear Drive V4 for FatBoy320 or Trampa Vertigo - Infinity ATB Truck

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FatBoy SS Mini Helical or Straight Gear Drive 1/3 and 1/2,6 ratio for FatBoy320 or Trampa Vertigo - Infinity ATB Truck. This version is all milled gears in-house using outer-gear style gearing with much higher tooth size for hardcore power delivery. This kit does not require any alteration to the hanger.

New all aluminium EN AW-6082-T651 gear drive with aluminium /plastic gears, V-ring and other improvements.

This is a pre-assembled gear drive for ease of use and possibility to ride as soon as possible!

You can choose a custom anodizing color by clicking here

Comes with pre-set gear meshing and initial angle (15 deg, front side). Angle can be changed before putting this setup on the deck, (3 total positions).
Angle adjustment is not threadlocked. It is not necessary, but recommended to use a bit of threadlocker after setting up wanted angle.

Every other drive train screw is initially threadlocked.

All bearings are pressed in using a thermal press method, not press-fit, especially not foot press-fit.
All bearings are pressed into Aluminium.

Bearing differences:

  • Straight cut gear drives use groove ball bearings.
  • Helical gear drives use angular contact ball bearings to sustain the axial loads.

Gear types and materials:

  • Wheel gear is machined from plastic (harder than POM, equivalent to aluminium hardness).
  • Wheel adapter is aluminium.
  • For straight-cut gears: motor gear is aluminium.
  • For helical gears: motor gear is steel.

Hubs Compatibility:

All MegaStar , SuperStar , MBS Rockstar Pro , MBS Rockstar II

Motor Compatibility:

FatBoy 320

6350, 6355, 6360, 6365, 6374, 6384, 6396

Vertigo - Infinity

6350, 6355, 6360, 6365, 6374, 6384, 6396

Incompatible motors:

  • TorqueBoards series, FlipSky series (or any other motor with a stepped shaft)

Easy steps to assemble:

  • Add thread lock (Loctite 648) on the motor shaft, insert the key into the keyway slot.
  • Push the motor shaft with the key into the drive gear.
    Add thread lock (Loctite 648) to motor screws, screw the motor to the mount.
  • Liberally add the provided grease after everything has cured.
  • Close the gear drive.
  • Make sure you add a little bit of grease under the V-Groove ring!
  • Mount it on the baseplate.
  • Ride and enjoy!

    Pre-Assembled Kit Contains:

    • 2 x Motor spur gear (for 10mm/8mm shaft)
    • 2 x Wheel Gears
    • 2 x Hanger mount adapters
    • 2 x Baseplates with the motor mount holes
    • 2 x Gearbox Aluminium covers
    • 2 x V-Ring
    • Screw kit
    • Gear lubrication
    • 2x For options FB320 - the hangers is included.

    Whole gear drive weighs 2000g.

    Motor, wheel hubs , spacers , baseplate MBS , don't include in the kit!

    After purchase will be shipped within a 2-3 week period

     Made in EU